Product: Original TummyTub®

Manufacturer: TummyTub® USA


Phone: 866-416-5844

The Original Tummy Tub® is a new concept in bathing babies. Developed by physicians, midwives and nurses to ease the transition from the secure environment of the womb to the new world, the upright TummyTub® simulates a safe and secure mother's womb, keeping baby in a comfortable fetal position while submerged in warm water. The unique womb shape helps baby relax and become calm in the familiar fetal position. It uses less water (only 1.3 gallons on average, which is approximately 2.5 gallons less than conventional baby baths), saves energy (less water to heat), is made of environmentally-friendly materials and is fully recyclable. It is easy to carry and lightweight even when full, comes in three colors and offers a stand. The Original TummyTub® is the first of its kind and the only patented upright baby bathtub in the USA. The TummyTub® has several safety ratings and makes bathing a wonderful experience for babies and parents alike!

Original TummyTub®
What Moms are Saying

"A very unique product."

"The baby feels like he or she is in mom's tummy."

"Very easy to clean after bath time.