Product: SmartyPal

Manufacturer: SmartyPal



SmartyPal is an iPad app that uses children’s stories for personalized learning. Developed in partnership with leading educational researchers and award-winning story creators, stories are enriched as meaningful games and activities so your child is part of the adventure. SmartyPal utilizes an adaptive learning engine, recipient of a grant from the National Science Foundation, to change these games based on your child’s unique strengths. Games grow with little ones so parents can rest assured their children are always learning something new. The SmartyPal app offers learning with context, essential for deeper learning connections. Children love that the story is different each time they open it. Parents and teachers love that contextual learning coupled with personalization increases learning effectiveness and engagement. Content owner’s love that their existing content can be delivered in an interactive and personalized format and the story is applicable to a wide age range as the learning engine delivers different tasks based on a child’s profile and age.

What Moms are Saying

This is a great educational app that I was comfortable having my five-year old use. He really likes both monsters and counting, so Math Monsters was perfect for him. It’s very simple, but I know that he is learning from it.”

“I love the variety of stories to choose from, and it’s the screen is set up so it’s easy for young children to find the story they want. I love that these stories cover so many skill areas – reading, math, creativity. I highly recommend the SmartyPal app.”

“There are so many mindless games and videos that are available today on the computer, tablets and iPad. It’s nice to find one that I can hand over to my kids and know that they are interacting and building connections with. These connections will help them do better and succeed in school and in life.