Product: Miracle Blanket®

Manufacturer: Miracle Industries, LLC


Phone: (866) 286-6386

Miracle Blanket® uses a true swaddle design that mimics the comforts of the womb to calm a newborn almost immediately. Miracle Blanket® is guaranteed to work. Its unique, patented design combines all aspects of swaddling that help a colicky, fussy baby sleep while eliminating everything that could be problematic. Miracle Blanket® doesnít use Velcro®, buttons, or adjustments that could scratch, harm or disturb baby; it contains no confusing knots, zippers, buttons or other fasteners. It grows with baby allowing for freedom of movement, never binding the hips or knees. Separate arm-flaps keep the babyís arms inside and it provides lateral pressure on baby's belly. Plus it doesnít confine or constrain the shoulders. One size fits all with no adjustments. Uses no extra material and is made with breathable fabric to limit the risk of overheating.

Miracle Blanket<sup>®</sup>
What Moms are Saying

"This blanket is great Ė sleep for baby and sleep for the parents!"

"Iíve never seen a swaddling blanket that works so well. I really like the arm-flaps to put my sonís arms in. He stays secure in the blanket, but is still able to move comfortably inside of it."

"I think this blanket is great. I love swaddling, it really helps babies sleep better and allows parents to sleep peacefully knowing that their infant is safe and sound."

"My children sleep best when swaddled. This is a great product. It's extremely easy to use."