Product: Ultra Lightweight Crib Mattress

Manufacturer: Lullaby Earth


Phone: (800) 917-3342

Lullaby Earth has designed a seamless, light weight and non-toxic crib mattress, the Ultra Lightweight Crib Mattress. Weighing less than seven pounds, this innovative mattress is waterproof and affordable to the average consumer who is unable to afford organic mattresses made with more expensive materials. It offers the best of all crib mattress features Ė it is non-toxic, easy-to-clean, has seamless edges, and the material it is made from may be recyclable in the near future.

Ultra Lightweight Crib Mattress
What Moms are Saying

"This mattress was much easier to change crib sheets on than my daughterís other crib mattress. I love how light it is."

"Iím excited to see that there is a high quality crib mattress out there that is a good price. I canít see spending a ton on a mattress that my kid is only going to use for a couple years, but I donít want a cheap plastic mattress, either."

"This is a durable crib mattress and itís comfortable for my son. It fits perfect in his crib and is easy to get in and out when I need to change the sheets on it and clean it."