Product: Little Reader™ Deluxe

Manufacturer: Brillkids™ Inc.


Phone: (+1 707) 336-2022

Little Reader™ Deluxe has everything you need to start teaching your baby to read both in front of and away from the computer. Fully customizable lessons progress from single words, couplets, phrases, sentences, all the way to complete stories. Also includes lessons using the Pattern Phonics™ system. Little Reader™ is unique in that lessons are never the same; the 12-month curriculum that teaches over 3,000 words in 180 subject categories is comprehensive; it is personalized using words like your baby's name and personal pictures, videos and sounds to make lessons meaningful; it takes only five minutes a day; and it uses the proven Flash (right-brain) method, Multisensory (interactive) method and Pattern Phonics™ method. Download thousands more content files for free from the BrillKids Forum, the largest online early learning community worldwide. Ideal for babies and young children, Little Reader™ is the most effective learning system for teaching young children to read because it makes learning fun and engaging for the child and easy for parents.

Little Reader™ Deluxe
What Moms are Saying

"This seems like a high-quality program. After having it for only a week, I can say that my children were very interested in it and that it would work if one is dedicated to it. My children (2-1/2 and just turned 6) enjoyed the books very much and the big one would read them to the little one. My little one enjoyed watching the DVD."

"I’m definitely impressed with all of the items that come in the Little Reader kit, and all of the resources that come online. My one and a half year old son was interested in learning the lessons because they were personalized – he loved seeing mom, dad, sister and himself!"

"This system is really an investment in your child’s education. Teaching them to read so young is going to give them a huge advantage once school starts. What’s so great about Little Reader is that it grows with your child – you can constantly go to the website and expand your library. I love that!"

"I feel like this product is easy to take out and use and store back as it was opened. Very great packaging and product!"