Product: First Toddle®

Manufacturer: First Toddle, Inc.


Phone: (877) 377-8635

The First Toddle® is a five-in-one play, development and entertainment center for infants and toddlers. The First Toddle® provides a safe environment for your baby to learn to stand and walk and adjusts to multiple heights to keep it fun and challenging for toddlers. It encourages exploration and continued cognitive development with more advanced features and accessories to challenge children for years to come. The First Toddle® is designed to work with many different accessories including a comfortable play mat, activity tables, net mesh tent/crawl-thru, miniature basketball backboard, hoop and net, miniature soccer/hockey goal and hockey stick, soft play toys and a ball set (football, basketball, soccer, hockey) eliminating the need for other toys. For special needs children, the First Toddle® can be a cost-effective, in-home supplement to other helpful pediatric therapies. Its sturdy design assembles and disassembles easily without tools and requires little storage space.

First Toddle®
What Moms are Saying

"Sturdy and safe!"

"This toy is versatile and can change as a child grows."

"I like that it could transform into other activity sets."