Product: TNT Reading Tutor

Manufacturer: BrainTrain


Phone: (800) 822-0538

TNT Reading Tutor is the dynamite way to teach children in kindergarten through 3rd grade how to read. TNTís unique, game-like ďtestĎnítrainĒ design allows children to work at their own pace, determining exactly what reading skills they need to concentrate on, then creating a structured, customized learning plan tailored directly to their specific needs. TNT Reading Tutor's foundation is built on identifying the specific reading skills that each child needs to improve and then automatically creating a training plan for them. But TNT Reading Tutor focuses on more than just reading; it also builds attention, reasoning skills and working memory Ė cognitive abilities critical for success in all academic areas and in life. TNT Reading Tutor is based on over twenty years of reading research and features over 1000 exercises and entertaining 'video game' rewards. This reading system provides systematic testing and training at each level and tracks progress. Hard work is rewarded with entertaining 'video' brain-building game breaks and colorful certificates. TNT Reading Tutor follows the national Core Curriculum for reading standards that apply to grades K-3.

TNT Reading Tutor
What Moms are Saying

"I liked that I was able to create customized programs for my second grade daughter and my pre-K son. They are on completely different levels, yet this program helped both of them. As my son gets more familiar with letters Iím sure that the TNT Reading Tutor will help him build confidence before he starts school. My daughter recognizes her letters very well, but still has issues writing them correctly (they are sometimes backwards and she has issues with uppercase/lowercase). This program reinforces these concepts for her."

"TNT Reading Tutor teaches letters in a fun way. My kids enjoyed playing the games, especially because they are on the computer. Itís so important for kids to develop computer skills, almost just as important as reading itself. This program did a good job allowing my children to work at their own pace as well as learn essential skills."

"My child was really entertained by TNT Reading Tutor. She liked being able to see her score at the end of each lesson, and the certificates that parents can print out and display are great. I also like the game breaks between lessons. These games are really fun and even challenging! Itís neat how you can see other playerís top scores and try to beat them."