Product: SnuggleWings

Manufacturer: Park Innovations, LLC


Phone: (202) 271-4683

SnuggleWings is a safe and easy to use swaddle supplement created for babies who constantly break free from their swaddle blanket. SnuggleWings is the only swaddle supplement that works with your existing blanket to prevent babies from working their arms free. It eliminates the moro reflex, keeping babies safe and snug in their swaddle and enabling parents to continue to swaddle into later months if they choose. With SnuggleWings, your baby not only sleeps better but is also safer.

What Moms are Saying

"I think my son slept better with SnuggleWings. I was a bit worried that he would feel restrained by his hands being strapped down, but he was calmer without his hands moving around and keeping him awake."

"This is a really easy product to use. I like how soft the material is. I was very comfortable using it on my baby."

"For moms who are having trouble keeping their babies arms swaddled, I think this would really help. I bet the baby would stay calmer and sleep better."