Product: Reverse Charades

Manufacturer: RETROPlay LLC


Phone: (949) 303-3082

Reverse Charades is a hilarious twist on a classic stand-by where one person acts out words for the team to guess - only now the entire team is involved in the action! With Reverse Charades, the team has 60 seconds to act out as many words as one person can guess. It's a fast-paced, fiercely fun team competition that's an absolute riot with families, work teams, school groups, party-goers or among a few close friends. Reverse Charades is wildly entertaining across all ages, easy to learn and explain in 30 seconds, hilarious to play and doesn't put any one person on the spot. It is a very familiar concept, but with a unique and compelling twist that provides hours of laughter. The game brings family and friends together, helps people break down barriers, forces people to work together as a team and is a great way to get your family and friends to laugh.

Reverse Charades
What Moms are Saying

"This game is fun for both adults and kids. The best part is the fun that the entire team has acting out the part."

"This game is interesting and has a lot of different words. It is great for older children and adults to play."

"This is fun and innovative. I had a great time playing it! It can definitely be used to entertain at big family functions and any events with large groups of people. Not only did it keep my kidís interest, but it kept mine as well."