Product: Little Musician Basic

Manufacturer: Brillkids™ International Limited


Phone: (+1 707) 336-2022

Little Musician is a learning system created to empower parents to help develop their children's musicality during the early years when learning can be effortless. Even if you have no knowledge of music, all that is needed is for you to interact and have fun with your child. The five minute daily lessons are customizable, cater to children’s short attention spans and fit into your busy schedule. A pre-planned one year curriculum nurtures your child's interest in music while developing innate musical talent and building a solid foundation in music education. The Little Musician Basic kit includes Windows compatible software, a license key for installations on up to two computers, a ready-made curriculum with 12 months worth of lessons and two informational booklets. Children will learn to sing notes in Solfège (do, re, mi, etc.), develop their voice boxes, recognize notes and chords, improve their sense of sound and pitch, sight-read music, develop a sense of rhythm, learn about major instruments, get acquainted with famous composers and compositions and gain familiarity with the musical keyboard. This interactive experience encourages you and your child to listen, sing, move, clap and guess at the sounds you hear and notes you see. Little Musician is appropriate for all ages, from infants and toddlers up to adults.

Little Musician Basic
What Moms are Saying

"Little Musician is awesome. It includes everything you need to teach your child about music. My two year old son has always loved playing with the keyboard, so I was really excited to have him start watching this. The short daily lessons keep him intrigued, and then we can watch educational YouTube videos, he can play music on his own, learn about instruments or composers or do other activities."

"These lessons are great both for parents and for children. This really isn’t the sort of thing that you can just put on for your child and leave – parents are encouraged to participate, and really to get the most out of it you need to participate. I’m learning new and interesting things about music just by interacting with my child."

"I would highly recommend this both to parents and teachers who want their kids to have a strong understanding of music and music history. It’s so comprehensive, and I like that it can be customized. There really are so many details in this system that I am still trying to figure them all out. I’ve always heard that starting music education during infancy and the toddler years is extremely important for cognitive development, so I know that my children will benefit from Little Musician for the rest of their lives."