Product: Serene Sling

Manufacturer: T-REX America LLC


Phone: (866) 935-5620

Serene Sling is made with a Japanese artisanship and high-tech engineering to provide mom and baby both comfort and ease of wear. It is made out of a resilient knit fabric that is soft and flexible, but won't stretch out with repeated use and washing. The one piece design makes the sling super easy to use, whether you're active around the house, out shopping, or on a long trip. The wide shoulder strap distributes baby's weight, and baby will love staying close to you. Serene Sling is ideal for breastfeeding as the deep pocket construction and fabric provides privacy and comfort. Comes in multiple colors and patterns with a reversible design so you're sure to find one that fits your unique style. The material is ecologically manufactured without the use of harmful substances and Oeko-tex certified making it safe for both mom and baby. Machine washable and keeps its shape, neither shrinking nor stretching. An irreplaceable way to bond with your baby!

Serene Sling
What Moms are Saying

"This sling is comfortable, easy to put on and easy to use."

"The Serene Sling felt a lot better than the other baby carrier I have. Instead of two heavy straps on my shoulders, theres only one comfortable sling and its wide enough to keep me assured that my daughter is secure."

"I like that this sling is fashionable. Not only do I feel comfortable wearing it, but when Im in public I feel stylish something that many moms sacrifice when they are carrying around little ones."