Product: Captain Positive: Be Happy

Manufacturer: Positively Kids


Phone: (858) 518-0536

Utilizing laughter, music and kid-friendly affirmations, Positively Kids seeks to empower children by teaching them to tap their inner strength and embrace life’s challenges. The ‘Captain Postive: Be Happy’ CD reinforces these principles with a fun eclectic musical collection that parents will enjoy and kids will love! As your kids laugh, smile and sing along, they will learn that like Captain Positive, they can choose to be happy. By teaching our children about positive affirmations, we are providing them with a skill that will empower them throughout the rest of their lives. This CD delivers positive messages and teaches kids coping skills through music, allowing kids to have positive thinking throughout their life. Each song is unique and different than the others so the music really keeps you and your kids engaged

Captain Positive: Be Happy
What Moms are Saying

"What is the most unique about this product is that all the songs focus on one topic…being positive and happy. It is great for a child to learn this as it can alter their mood and thus behavior."

"I really enjoyed listening to the CD and my daughter did too. As a former social worker with mental health children and youth I think this would be a valuable resource for mental health therapists working with children as it reinforces many techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy."

"This is great to handle life’s stresses and turn sad feelings into happy feelings. I feel the CD could be used for younger ages as well. Kids learn early and if they start younger maybe they will remember these positives as they grow to be adults."

"I like that this CD creates a positive mood for kids. It was fun and engaging. My kids age 6 to 10 enjoyed singing along."